RAIDA DATA is the next generation data transfer and authentication

Secure, Fast, and Affordable Data Transmission


RAIDA DATA is the next-generation of data transfer and authentication, providing the only 100% safe and secure data transfer protocol. It simply cannot be hacked, intercepted, compromised or manipulated, even by quantum computers. RAIDA DATA provides real-time transfers at the fastest possible speeds while safeguarding information and respecting the environment. RAIDA DATA is an enterprise-level data protection toolkit that offers a provisionally-patented, globally-scalable, post-blockchain system that is simple and affordable.

What is RAIDA?

Each RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) network is a series of cloud nodes that authenticate data using provisionally-patented protocols exclusively licensed to RAIDAtech. RAIDAtech clients can use an existing global RAIDA network or have RAIDAtech create a private network to their specifications.


Supply Chain Management

Safely managing data at all points along supply chain in real-time

Oil and Gas

Securely transferring real-time data from drilling/pumping and retail sales


Exceeding HIPPA-compliant EDI protocols to protect patient rights

Retail/PCI Compliance

Providing safe & secure Payment Card Industry (PCI) processing at fastest speeds (up to 8 million tps)

Financial Services

Protecting safe data transfer for financial institutions and their clients


Safeguarding the flow of private information held in trust


The RAIDA system shreds or stripes binary data by splitting it at the bit level. RAIDA then routes the shredded data to one of 25 master nodes and up to 800 subnodes. With just 25 master nodes, there is boxed 5x5x5 redundancy. No single node has enough information to compromise or reconstruct the transmitted data. RAIDA is three-sextillion times (3e+21) stronger than standard encryption and mathematically impossible to hack, even with quantum computers.

  • Simple
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Scalable

RAIDA nodes are scattered across the globe in many different jurisdictions and legal regimes. Exact locations are not known by anyone other than the administrator of that particular node; some nodes are even mobile with ever-changing locations!

RAIDAtech's goal is to have a RAIDA network based entirely on micro-satellites in orbit above the Earth, safe from any possible attacks. A RAIDA network cannot be brought down by earthquakes or other natural disasters, cannot be corrupted internally by node administrators, and cannot be co-opted by rogue government or other bad actors.

RAIDA is immune from artificial intelligence pattern recognition and quantum brute force. A weakness of standard asymmetrical elliptic curve cryptography is that AI can recognize patterns in encryption based on recurring symbols and other factors. Quantum computers that operate hyper-dimensionally and at 20 million times the processing speed of conventional computers can break encryption through brute force. RAIDA has neither of these drawbacks.

A blockchain, by comparison, has all the information encrypted within a single block within the data structure. No amount of encryption can ever make data truly safe from hackers or internal subterfuge. And quantum computing will essentially make encryption obsolete. Blockchains are not scalable-the longer the chain of blocks grows, the less efficient and slower they become.